Day two at Purwokerto was started with waking up early in the morning to buy morning snacks and ingredients for breakfast. What I loved from Purwokerto was the cheap price and delicious taste of food and snacks. It didn’t take much to have a full stomach here, and a happy tummy meant pretty much a happy-me, too 🙂

Left: The auntie who sells Kamir and Surabi near PLN Building. Right: This auntie sells gethuk and snacks-alike at Purwokerto’s traditional market

After a mouthful of breakfast, Septi and I prepared to go to Baturraden, a family recreational park located about one hour trip from Septi’s house.

Welcome to Baturraden Recreational Park!

The entrance fee for the recreational park was IDR 8.000. To play or enjoy some of the rides the park offer inside, like airplane theater, duck-boats and all, you will be charged extra fees (a cheap extra fees, if you asked me); or you can buy the one-day pass for IDR 20.000, included in the pass were rides as stated on the ticket booth. At that time we decided to buy the entrance ticket only and decided later if we wanted to ride something.

Baturraden overall view seen from a vantage point.

The place was crowded, but enjoyable! The clean and cold breeze accompanied with the sounds of waterfalls reverberating in the air. Colours and sounds burst right away when I stepped inside the park, every thing looked sharp and calming. It felt truly revitalizing for my worn-out soul!

Perhaps it sounded like I exaggerated my impression, but really, when I felt so fed up with routines and felt like escaping the world, wonderful proof of natures like Baturraden can impact me that much. Besides the exceptionally beautiful landscape, Baturraden recreational park is a perfect place to enjoy togetherness especially for family with kids. There are rides and activities that you can enjoy together, such as watching short films inside an airplane, playing in the cool water, riding duck-boats, feeding fishes, enjoying the nature cascade, even enjoying hot springs!

Enjoy the duck-boat riding with your beloved! IDR 3.000 per person

They are piranhas in disguise! Kekekke~ Nah they are not piranhas, but they are hungry fishes, so keep feeding them! Buy the fish food on the nearby ticket booth.

Done having fun, it is time to fill the stomach with one of Purwokerto’s signature food: Pecel Mendoan for a only IDR 6.000. It is a combo of Pecel and Mendoan. Pecel is like Indonesian vegetable salad, with the ingredients already boiled then topped with peanut sauce; while Mendoan is thinly sliced tempe dredged with spiced-flour then deep-fried quickly. Have more mendoan while you’re at it because Purwokerto’s mendoan is really, really yummo!

Additional mendoan only costs you a measly IDR 1.000 per piece.

While it drizzling, we enjoyed the meal happily, even went as far as adding more mendoan. With a full stomach, next we were up to find hot springs named Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu.

Pancuran Telu, a place where you can find cool waterfalls and hot springs located side by side.

Pancuran Telu is located inside the Baturraden park. The reason why it is called Telu is because there are only three sprays in this place (pancuran is sprays, and telu is the javanese word for three, while pitu means seven, hence the name of these hot springs). Pancuran Telu is more secluded and small compared to Pitu, but the great thing about it is next to the hot spring is a small waterfall, a cold one. So, there you can have a 2-in-1 hot and cold sensation! The entrance fee is IDR 7.500, the same fee is charged for Pancuran Pitu.

Unlike Pancuran Telu, Pancuran Pitu is located in a more secluded area outside the Baturraden park. There are two ways how to get there, you can exit the Baturraden park and take a public transport to take you there (around IDR 5.000) OR you can walk the 2 KM adventurous distance from Pancuran Telu. We chose the later and found out that the path was very tiring for us. It was a long trip, climbing up and down the steep stairs in a quiet forest; despite of it, the trip was an enjoyable one. Right, Septi? :p

The exhausting up and down path to Pancuran Pitu.

Once we got to Pancuran Pitu, we were so tired we were unable to move and do much, though hahahaha… There we found Badek, a traditional drink made from extract of palm sugar or aren, kept inside the bamboo tube and served in a glass or plastic bag, with ice cube if you want a cool sensation. The taste was not as sugary sweet as I expected, instead it got a fermented bite; overall it was a tasty drink!

It only costs you IDR 2500. Cheap and tasty is always good, eh? 😀

The water at Pancuran Pitu was unsurprisingly hot, and I meant really hot, so if you dislike scorching heat water, be mindful! The water also contained minerals which were believed to be good for health, as usually a hot spring meant to be. There was also a saying that you have to wash yourself through all the seven sprays. I am not sure what was the reason behind this ritual yet, but it was something that the locals said and believed.

Pancuran Pitu, a hotspring with seven trickling sprays that stand right in a line.

After immersing ourselves in the area for several moments, we decided it was time to head back to Baturraden and enjoy our last interest inside the park, Cascade Alam. We took a public transport and the trip back to Baturraden was 8 KM ride down a narrow rocky road, woot, afterall the adventure didn’t stop at Pancuran Pitu hehehehe.. We got into the park again after re-showing our ticket to the entrace staff, ta-da, and for IDR 5.000 we got to enjoy the awesomeness.

Cascade Alam, perfect place to relax and daydream.

Cascade Alam was our last stop in Baturraden park, although there were absolutely many other things we can enjoy here.

Some other things to enjoy in Baturraden.

Last meal at Purwokerto was a bowl of delicious Mie Ayam Tipar.

Afterward, we went down to have Mie Ayam Tipar, then to the terminal where I supposed to find ticket to return to Jakarta for the next morning, but then I impulsively bought a ticket for the night, so the last few hours after Baturraden were spent in a hectic sudden return trip. I was in a daze after I realized my impulsiveness!

However, even an adventure has an end… So long Baturraden, so long Purwokerto, we’ll meet again in the future! Thank you so much Septi and the family for the memorable birthday trip! ;]