Again, like Passer Baroe, this trip was totally unplanned, and rather than a trip, I would say this was more like stumbling-upon. I was going to Taman Suropati, Menteng to check out something last Monday and then on my way to that place, I stumbled upon Jalan Surabaya, which was in walking distance from Taman Suropati (around 15-mins), or from Cikini Train Station for 5-mins walk.

I’ve known about and been to Jalan Surabaya before, so I wasn’t exactly surprised with what I found, but still, I enjoyed walking through the quite lane, plus there were thick-set branches that shield you from the glaringly-hot sun. :]

Welcome to Jalan Surabaya!

Jalan Surabaya is 500-m long street famous for its antique stalls lining one side of it. In this place you can find many things probably imaginable for the word ‘antique’ and ‘odd’—made from wood, ceramics and metals, like bronze—at a bargain price than ones on mall or established stores. That, and at the other end of the street you can also find bags and suitcases for traveling.

I was just window-shopping and wasn’t sure about the prices, but it’s said to be ranging from USD 0.50 to USD 500. And of course, the trick coming handy when shopping to places like this in Indonesia is to haggle, who knows you might get lucky and get 50% off the starting prices. ;]

The Market started its business around 30-40 years ago and in the beginning consisted merely of several stalls selling China Porcelains. It then experienced expansion in terms of size and variety.
source: streetdirectory

So, here are some things I found on my stumbling-upon~

Display in front of one of the stalls.

Another display~

Here you can also find old phonograph records!

This gramophone is yours for IDR 3.500.000. Worth it or haggle it?

I love this clock!

In the past, the traders merely used tents to cover their goods but since the 1980s, more convenient stalls like the ones seen today were built by the local government to attract more visitors.
source: JakPost

The antique stalls seem to do reparation too.

This man was fixing a made-in-Italy exquisite ceramics chandelier.

In conclusion, even a stumbling-upon can be fun!

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