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    Day 2, April 17, 2013 | Kuta and Tanah Lot
    highlight: accommodation tips, Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Temple

    So! From GWK we firstly headed back to the hotel as it was in the way, and got ready for a long ride to Kuta Beach. What made it an easy trip for non-native rider like me was, of course, the advice I got from Villa Puri Royan staffs, as stated in the prior article. They gave me advice such as that I have to only follow road that has white-stripe in the middle because then I would never get lost in any way, since it’s the main road, and thanks God, that Bali doesn’t have many main road.

    It was a true thing that once I got on the road, I found the way to Kuta Beach easier than just by imagining from suggestions, and in addition to that, I was a person who often asked people to confirm if I was right on track to my destination or not; so yeah, in more or less an hour with a stop to eatery for lunch, we got to Kuta Beach safely.

    Kuta Beach has been noted as tourist destination since early 1970s and is also known as Sunset Beach, as opposed to the Sunrise Beach known as Sanur Beach. In my eyes, Kuta Beach is a place to enjoy the heat of summer, although it’s given since Indonesia is a tropical country; however, Kuta Beach brings the summer sensation like how it’s usually portrayed in movies.

    Shine bright like a diamond~

    The unceasing rolling waves, surfers waiting to jump on their board and ride the waves, hot sands tickling the sole of bare feet, ladies in bikinis bathing under the blinding sun, rows of colorful umbrellas to shield the glaring heat—the definition of summer is here, baby!

    It can come across at times to be chaotic, overcrowded and congested. However, amongst all the mayhem this place somehow works, and hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoy their time in Kuta every

    Of course, typical of tourist destinations, there are numerous sellers and vendors, and people offering their services such as surfing course, surfing board rental, et cetera. On the other side of the two-meter white sandstone fence built in 2011, the street is lined various shopping stores, cafes, and hotels, from lux to shaddy ones.

    Local sellers circulating in the area. Keyword is to persistently haggle the starting price.

    Somehow these colorful souvenirs I found in the nearby department store made me think about cyberpunks. They look exotics!

    Everything is typical and expected from a place as well-known internationally as Kuta. For what it was worth, I only spent IDR 1.000 in Kuta for parking fee. Kekeke~

    The journey then continued after confirming with locals how to get to Tanah Lot. Funny thing was that almost every time I asked, they answered by saying that ‘It’s far!’ or something to that effect. Indeed it was! Here we experienced the famous Balinese hospitality, there was no telling how many people had helped us finding our way to this last destination of the day.

    Ta-da! Around 90-mins later we arrived safely at Tanah Lot. The entrance fee for domestic tourists is IDR 10.000/person (international tourists got around IDR 30.000/person, CMIIW) plus IDR 2.000 for motorcycle parking fee. Before reaching the the rocky offshore of Tanah Lot composite, the lane heading to the gate is lined with souvenir kiosks and eateries. Mom and me bought some souvenirs (Balinese head clothing or Udeng usually wear by men and more shawls for mom) and enjoyed chilled young coconut to tame our thirst after long ride.

    Head cloth, or udeng is the most striking part of Balinese traditional dress. An udeng is actually a piece of square cloth about one meter on each side. It may have overall design but it is usually symmetrical. The wearer folds the cloth into a triangle rolls up the long end several times until the remaining triangle is small enough to cover the head, and ties it to the head. The entire udeng is tied to the head in such way that the point of the triangle faces toward the rear and the knot is centered on the forehead, then one side of the triangle is pulled behind the knot, making a crest known as “jambul,” after the tuff of feather on the head of some

    Then, just at the end of the lane, woosh! The famous sight of Tanah Lot temple, which I often ogled in brochures, was right in front of my eyes to devour. These pictures were samples of the real thing, of the mesmerizing and breathtaking view of Tanah Lot.

    A temple built on the rock!

    Another temple site on the cliff~

    I love the waves!

    See that surfer? I envy him to be able to enjoy the nature to that extent!

    Another shot of surfer enjoying the rolling waves~

    I wondered what these two little girl were thinking at that time…


    After the sunset and photo-session, mom nagged me to hurry since we have to endure a long ride back to our hotel. Aaaaah~ with reluctant shown in my face, we parted with the Tanah Lot back to Jimbaran.

    The second day ended with my face and arm getting spectacularly sun-burnt. I felt toasted, ha!

    Upcoming next is the third day, and the very last destination of our short trip in Bali: Uluwatu Temple, here we come!

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