Note: This article is part of JaBaGa 2013 reports.


Check up in Melaka. Wait, what?
Let’s go and have a med check up, was what my family told me from the beginning of this trip I dubbed as JaBaGa. To have a medical check up in Melaka, like it is the common sense to perceive. What’s wrong to have one in Indonesia’s hospital? Well apparently, my beloved Grandma have more faith in doctors at the Mahkota Hospital.

Thus, early in the hushed morning of February 25, right before the family trip in Malaysia ended, we went through a two-hours ride from Pontian Kechil (Aunt’s house) to Melaka. I believed I was pretty healthy as a human being, but maybe believing was not enough, since I found that perhaps taking a good care of what I eat *coughs-no-more-overeating-junkfood-coughs* will be a good idea for a healthier future.

Melaka seen from Health Screening sector on the fifth floor of Mahkota Hospital.

In the end I, who got easily bored in the long process of checking up our healthiness, thought that perhaps it was better to add a little adventure into this visit to Melaka, a place I have only heard in passing before, therefore I started to browse what kind of attractions existed in Melaka that I can enjoy in a short time. TripAdvisor always came in handy for times like this.

After the check up, Mom, Grandmom, and my Aunt went back to Pontian Kechil, thus I was left to stay in Melaka for one night with Dad—me and Dad were going to cross the sea and back to Indonesia via Dumai port in Riau the next morning. Basically, after the check up I didn’t have much time to do anything else, and since Dad was OK with me having fun all by myself while he hogged the bed for much needed sleep, I decided to look for and try this ride called Melaka River Cruise. Darn glad I did so.

Melaka River Cruise: A MUST-DO.

Hey-ho, let’s sail the river!

The counter of Melaka River Cruise was located right next to Melaka river about 10-to-15 mins walk from Menara Taming Sari, another famous attraction to try in Melaka. It was also close to Maritime Museum.

Snaps of Menara Taming Sari took on my way to and back from the river cruise.

Even with a brochure-map in hand—got it from the receptionist counter in Best One Hotel—I still got disoriented and lost that I actually walked in rounds before I made it to the counter. The surrounding area near the counter was also sight to behold, and I bet if I have more time in Melaka I might take a walk along the river instead of taking the cruise.

How is it possible that this kind of side walk don’t tempt you to have a leisure walk on it?

Bought the ticket, yeah!

Sitting around, enjoying the scenic view, while patiently waiting for my turn.

Ticket price was RM 15/passenger for a 45-mins returns ride, and during the return trip, we got to listen to historical story about Melaka River played in the background. The riverside vista was wonderful, there was a lot of things to enjoy, like graffiti in the wall of godowns, chic European-style buildings, cool bridge architectures, lights reflecting on the clean, dark green water when dusk came around, and ever-charming-lamp-lit-at-night greenery planted along the river.

There, have my heart, please.

Bridges in various style.

Cool patriotic graffiti.

The serene view totally spoiled my eyes and for sure made me want to sit back, relax, and maybe write a poem or two. It was a nice first-time experience to enjoy such attraction, and thanks to it, I even have a no-small crush with this city often dubbed as The Historic State.

FYI, I boarded on 19 o’clock schedule so I got to enjoy two of Melaka riverside view in the short ride, which were “the sun was almost setting-view” and “the night-view” for the return trip. When the dusk set in and all the lamps lit up, the already wonderful view of the riverside multiplied in intensity. A truly relaxing experience for my very short stay.

A small playground on the riverside. This looks like a good idea, maybe Ciliwung should have one, too!
Uhm, someday, when the river is all clean and clear from the junk.

I love this scene so very muchos, taken when the boat was under one of the bridges ❤

And the journey ended here…

Afterward, I took a stroll around the area and, let me conclude my wandering alone in Melaka with these pictures of colorful Melaka in the night. :]

A lovely night :]

Not only European influences this city, Chinese too! d:

There was a lot of interesting buildings near the river sides. The building that looked like a ship?
That was the Maritime Museum.

Fancy-looking Becak (pedicab).

It was a pity that I didn’t get the chance to explore more in the daylight. Haaaaaah, I’ll be back for sure!

Did you know?
1. Melaka or Malacca has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. [x]
2. On June 2013, it was said that Malaysian are going to have Becak (as shown on the picture above) patented! [x]
3. Melaka River was once in a pretty nasty state, but the authorities realized its tourism potential and cleaned it up. [x] (Uhm Ciliwung, anyone?)
4. The Maritime Museum is a replica of the ‘Flora de La Mar’, a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of Melaka while on its way to Portugal, carrying loot plundered from Melaka. [x]