Me at one of the temples in Candi Muaro Jambi compounds

The place is around one-plus hour ride from the airport, assuming the average speed of the vehicles is 60-70km/h.

That time at the entrance we were told to pay IDR 15.000 for entrance fee. It was not clear whether that amount was meant for 3 person (IDR 5.000 per person), or two motorbikes that we rode. We were not given any ticket whatsoever, the guards just let us inside with a smile after we paid. We were not given any brochures or maps, too. Those guards said that they had been out-of-print. Oh, well.

Candi Muaro Jambi compound is a history of its own. There is an ancient (albeit modern at that time) civilization living there approximately since the fourth century. The place is huge, but the maintenance is too poor in some places. I hope people pay more attention to this sites, especially the Jambi government, since this compound is a great heritage and asset for tourism.

Gedong I/II site

Kedaton site

Err, I actually forgot the name. However this site is located near the information center/collection building

The temples are scattered around, some go side by side, but others are too far and some are even in remote areas. There is only a narrow pathway to go to Kedaton site, the biggest temple of Candi Muaro Jambi compounds. It is too fit when two motorcycles going side by side. The beaten path is not really friendly for disabled. I also won’t suggest walking to all the temples. They have bicycles rental. It’s either that or riding on your own motorcycles.

Bicycle anyone?

If you are fussy about getting tanned, bring a sunscreen or a jacket. On a sunny day it could be a little harsh on the skin. Or mosquitoes repellent since you have to walk through forest or local small plantation. To bring your own food might also be a good idea or maybe a simple picnic. Although don’t trash the area.

If you go just for sight seeing, then it might take less than 2 hours. But if you want to know about their stories, make sure you have three-plus hours.

Pictures of Kedaton site. The last picture is actually statues of snake dragon and monkey (cmiiw, the memory is getting hazy) as welcome statues in front of the Kedaton frontgate. Usually these welcome statues come in pairs, for example twin Dwarpalas, so normally it should be twin snake dragons or twin monkeys guarding the gate. However, Kedaton site became exactly unique because of this difference. For the ‘why?’ please ask your guide xD

Ask for a guide, or if there is no guide available, I am suggesting you speak to the maintainers (juru pelihara) in each temple for explanation. Oh, and for references please visit the collection building (museum) near the guestbook-post first before exploring the compounds.

Hamdan, the maintainer for Gedong I and Gedong II sites. Working as guard for more than twenty years already. He is very nice, giving insightful information too regarding the compounds itself.

Nick Baruna! One of the maintainers of Kedaton site. He also arranges tour and guide for Candi Muaro Jambi. You can contact him on +62-852-6607-0534

Stupa near the collection building. Actually, it’s unique to see stupa on the ground instead of at the top of the temple construction. I also noticed how the temples here are in squares formation and used bricks instead of like the one used for, for example, Borobudur. Actually there is story about it, just ask the guide for it. 馃槈

Now, now, just go visit and relive the once-a-life at Candi Muaro Jambi~!