Details on what happened on the trip shall prevail after this post, if I got the time to work on it. Now, for the accommodation tips on schedule and fares for Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok Train Trip you might want to know!

Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok Train Trip: Schedule and Fares

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* Recommended trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or vise versa. Train 13/14 has no 1st class 2-berth sleepers, only ex-Japanese 1st class single-berth sleepers & 2nd class sleepers.
Train classes: 1 = 1st class sleepers. S = 2nd class sleepers (air-conditioned). s = 2nd class sleepers (non-air-con). 2 = 2nd class seats. R = Restaurant car. 3 = 3rd class seats.

SINCE we arrived in Don Mueang International Airport pretty late in the evening (about 9 PM including immigration and baggage check), we chose the last train to Chiang Mai. Train Number 51 departed from Don Mueang Station at 22.49 PM and would arrive on Chiang Mai station quite late in the afternoon, around 1 o’clock. We wanted to get the sleepers booth, but no such luck. Instead we all get second class seats, no A/C only fan. Per person we have to pay THB 423. However, the second class seats were surprisingly comfortable enough, we didn’t get cramped into small seats (considering that we are all big sizes!). The cart was also clean. Lucky us, almost the whole cart was empty, so we hijacked two rows of seats. The journey actually felt like forever, if you were taking this train I suggest you bring things that can distract entertain you for long, from morning to the afternoon.

Sneakpeek on Train Number 51! To be honest, I really the nuance of this train than Train Number 2. It was so vintage! Train Number 2 was more white and grey and hard plastic, not very appetizing to the eyes :p

From Chiang Mai to Bangkok we chose Train Number 2 that departed from Chiang Mai station at 17 o’clock. We learned to book the sleepers earlier, so the first thing we did after arriving in Chiang Mai was buying the ticket back to Bangkok. We blocked two bunk beds. The upper one was more cheaper since the bed was smaller, the lower was more expensive but bigger space to move around, even two persons were able to sleep together in the lower bed. The prices we got were THB 791 per one upper bed and THB 881 per one lower bed. Yeah, the price was twice more expensive but this one had AC and was faster than the one before. The timing was also great. Since we will be arriving in Bangkok early in the morning, we had many spare time to explore Bangkok for the rest of the day.

TTM Plus One in front of the famous Golden Toilet at Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai! credit: Debby

You shall know that this trip…

… happened on 3-12 June 2014.
… was a four-persons trip: it’s TTM Plus One!
… was all around Chiang Mai and Bangkok.