On my last day in Taiwan, I had this blissful chance to visit Tamsui, a port city in the north of Taipei, Taiwan. It was a short time trip, most likely a stroll in the late afternoon, but nonetheless one of the most lingering memory in my mind. It proved that I always have a thing with a port city set-up. Last time I was so in love with Yokohama in Japan, and then in Taiwan, Tamsui stole my breath away.

Take a stroll along the Tamsui river, or better, rent and ride a bike! Food and snack stalls along the stroll path. If you are interested in shopping then take the path into the city.

Tamsui as a port city offers a space of in-betweenness. It isn’t the playful and melancholic sandy beaches, however also not a bustling megapolitan itself. It is a unique nuance, of something not quite the busy city, but with life and activities as various as it is. A laidback city that offers fresh air and spots to sit and contemplate, or better, to daydream–and for me, this in-betweenness quality is a great escape from the routines.

Art-sy wall with painted ceramics. A pretty street art installation.

Fuyou temple at Tamsui’s Old Street. It was said to be the center of origin of Tamsui Street. It was built by the townsmen and sea fishermen in the early days of the town.

Love will welcome you to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Lover’s Bridge. A romantic setting for couples to be lovey dovey, more so when the night is coming. This bridge is a popular shooting site for Taiwanese dramas!

The various blue display. The fresh air. The distinct setting of a port. Love it!

Let’s write down our wishes, and let the wind carries them in whispers.

Tamsui in my memory offered culinary experiences, place to stroll around and enjoy, gifts shops with many trinkets–some are cheaper prices than one in Ximen or Shihlin Night Market–and just, there was this feeling of love bubbling in the air, especially at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.

There were plenty of spots to sit and stare into the faraway…

And once again, ever, the sun would set and the night settle.

Short time trip as it was, I hadn’t got the chance to explore much beyond the area near the MRT Station and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, thus I decided when there is time and opportunity to visit Taiwan again, Tamsui will be first on my list to re-visit.

Sunset along the Tamsui river is something that cannot be missed. Even if it meant that I would be late for my flight.


1) To reach the Fisherman’s Wharf from Tamsui MRT Station, please board on bus R26 (or r26, please ask first!) from the bus terminal next to the station. Trip will last about 20 minutes, and it is the last stop of the bus.
2) Do try the seafood snack in Tamsui!
3) If you feel like getting lost, every MRT Station famous for its tourist destination in Taipei will have the Tourist information near the exit. You can consult your destination and how-to-get-there with them.