I have this hunger to travel.

To move around knowing new people and letting new places inscribe themselves in my memory, through everything they can offer me at that moment.

I was home when the thought hit me bad. Home, where families and old friends greet me–it does feel good to be home, but it’s not enough. Being at home can’t curb my desire to go, wherever, without looking back, with only a record of memories to playback in the back of this mind–which is getting older and more egoistical–to accompany me.

So here, I am reminiscing on my days of traveling, to a place that let me learn about myself and other things. A place that I wouldn’t mind to indulge myself again someday.

Thinking back, in every place I have been to, a “good bye” is never said; it is always “see you some other times” or just a heartfelt whisper of “I’ll be back”.