Hola! The name is Ellen.

Writing nostalgic reports, wolfing down street food, and wandering impulsively are activities she does faithfully. Cooking anything-possible-to-cook in her mini rice cooker is catching up fast as her other favorite pastime, too.

She writes anything she wants to, mainly to tackle what’s on her mind at the time. Her closet-desire is to write a novel and a movie script, but we’ll see if she can actually do it. Ha!

She literally loves wolfing down any kind of food anywhere, although she prefers more street-food than restaurant food. She is a carbo-loving-girl! (Although blood sugar level ask her to tone the carb down. But hush, don’t ruin the party!)

She loves wandering around; impulsively and sometimes also aimlessly. Anything that can get her the quick adrenaline rush of getting to know new places or people. She trust her feet to bring her to places, every nook and cranny that she can stumble into! On the top of her list is to explore Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, and then places in India like Kerala, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Annapurna and Darjeeling. Why India? Just because! Aaaaand, she loves waterfall! Any recommendation on waterfalls to visit?

timejumble is the new house for future traveling-and-culinary-experiences posts. Some related old posts from a dreamer living the reality were re-posted here.

The name timejumble is chosen because it articulates the randomness of this blog: traveling slash life experiences and muses, posted in random times. Also, say hi to TJ, the gruffy bear! She is the guardian of this blog 😉

This missy doesn’t bite nice people, so shoots her questions, inquiries and all, on Twitter or Instagram @timejumble or send a mail to ailendzzz[at]yahoo[dot]com.