go slow, ahead, and never stop



(n.) contemplation of things past.

Walking down the memory lane, consciously.

a food note: “on this day”, mie ongklok, dan laka tunggal.

Jarang-jarang buka Facebook, kali ini saya disapa fitur “On this day“—fitur yang menunjukkan pada tanggal yang sama di masa lampau pernah mengunggah atau menandai kejadian apa di Facebook—yang menunjukkan foto ini.

Wuss! Tanpa babibu, ingatan melayang pada satu memori yang sudah 7 tahun berlalu, namun masih tampak dengan resolusi gambar setara Standard Definition dalam ingatan. Kira-kira 480p, lah. Continue reading “a food note: “on this day”, mie ongklok, dan laka tunggal.”

a food note: naxi fried rice and kiam chai

“.. the history of world is on your plate.”

said Anthony Bourdain in an interview with Trevor Noah. Isn’t it true? For me who hold the existence of food dearly, especially as a mean to comfort, it is the truest statement.

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a (hi)story of a jaw-breaker cotton candy

Believe it or not, these strands of sugary sweet almost broke my jaws because it’s too hard too chew on.

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Sri Lanka, Chapter 1.1: (Lack of) Itinerary and THE Reality.

Perjalanan ke Sri Lanka berlangsung dari Selasa, 24 Mei, sampai dengan Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016, dan hampir-hampir tanpa persiapan itinerary yang memadai. Continue reading “Sri Lanka, Chapter 1.1: (Lack of) Itinerary and THE Reality.”

Sri Lanka, Chapter 0.1: The Courage for 5N4D


Sri Lanka. Sebuah negara yang baru selesai saya hampiri. Kenapa Sri Lanka? Continue reading “Sri Lanka, Chapter 0.1: The Courage for 5N4D”

Can I stop longing for traveling?

I have been pondering on this question a lot since last year. With so many long trips I went through this year alone, the questioning may come as a surprise. Looking back to my picture folders, it even looks like I travel at least once a month since January 2013! So much traveling with such a heavy heart, huh?

But, really, can I?
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#SmescoNV: Manusia-Manusia Inovatif dan Partisipatif

Kalau Taman Mini Indonesia Indah adalah miniatur sosial budaya Indonesia, maka Smesco adaah miniatur produk-produk unggulan dari seluruh Indonesia.

Demikian ucap Ahmad Zabadi, Presiden Direktur Smesco, pada 25 Oktober 2015, saat bincang santai berlangsung di Creative Space, Galeri Indonesia WOW!.

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I have this hunger to travel.

To move around knowing new people and letting new places inscribe themselves in my memory, through everything they can offer me at that moment.

I was home when the thought hit me bad. Home, where families and old friends greet me–it does feel good to be home, but it’s not enough. Being at home can’t curb my desire to go, wherever, without looking back, with only a record of memories to playback in the back of this mind–which is getting older and more egoistical–to accompany me.

So here, I am reminiscing on my days of traveling, to a place that let me learn about myself and other things. A place that I wouldn’t mind to indulge myself again someday.

Thinking back, in every place I have been to, a “good bye” is never said; it is always “see you some other times” or just a heartfelt whisper of “I’ll be back”.

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