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a food note: naxi fried rice and kiam chai

“.. the history of world is on your plate.”

said Anthony Bourdain in an interview with Trevor Noah. Isn’t it true? For me who hold the existence of food dearly, especially as a mean to comfort, it is the truest statement.

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Quick Note: Solo Trip to Ijen’s Crater

Ijen, the morning after the trekking.
This post highlights personal experience, motorbike rental, riding/hiking time estimation, tips in Bahasa Indonesia.

Ijen’s crater blue flames are phenomenal, so I took it upon myself to witness the famous blue. Continue reading “Quick Note: Solo Trip to Ijen’s Crater”

A Thank-You Post for the People I Met on 9-D Trip

From Surabaya to Lasem, to Probolinggo, to Banyuwangi, and last, back to Depok. A trip primarily relied on bus as public transportation, relied on people whom I just met and shown me kindness like long lost family, relied on new-made friends and a long time no see friend and his family, and all the people who welcomed me with warm smiles and stories.
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When I become a stranger in a new place, I do like locals!

A touristy place mostly gets me a touristy experience, which is related to how people commodified certain things to accommodate me, as a tourist. Continue reading “When I become a stranger in a new place, I do like locals!”


I have this hunger to travel.

To move around knowing new people and letting new places inscribe themselves in my memory, through everything they can offer me at that moment.

I was home when the thought hit me bad. Home, where families and old friends greet me–it does feel good to be home, but it’s not enough. Being at home can’t curb my desire to go, wherever, without looking back, with only a record of memories to playback in the back of this mind–which is getting older and more egoistical–to accompany me.

So here, I am reminiscing on my days of traveling, to a place that let me learn about myself and other things. A place that I wouldn’t mind to indulge myself again someday.

Thinking back, in every place I have been to, a “good bye” is never said; it is always “see you some other times” or just a heartfelt whisper of “I’ll be back”.

Tamsui, Taiwan: A Space of In-betweenness! (21 July 2014)

On my last day in Taiwan, I had this blissful chance to visit Tamsui, a port city in the north of Taipei, Taiwan. It was a short time trip, most likely a stroll in the late afternoon, but nonetheless one of the most lingering memory in my mind. It proved that I always have a thing with a port city set-up. Last time I was so in love with Yokohama in Japan, and then in Taiwan, Tamsui stole my breath away.
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#ThaiTrip – Lodging in Chiang Mai

Traveling and lodging come in one package, right? Continue reading “#ThaiTrip – Lodging in Chiang Mai”

#ThaiTrip – Motorbike Renting

The reason we rented motorbikes was because we wanted to move around freely rather than getting rushed by and not enjoying ourselves. That was prone to happen if we took some travel tour. The destination we wanted to go was Doi Inthanon National Park which housed Thailand’s tallest peak at 2,565 metres above the sea level!
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#ThaiTrip – Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok Train Trip

Details on what happened on the trip shall prevail after this post, if I got the time to work on it. Now, for the accommodation tips on schedule and fares for Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok Train Trip you might want to know!
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